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We're Making A Difference For Our Clients
MerryGo supports a wide range of business. Find out how some of our customers are succeeding with MerryGo.


The client is a national E-bike wholesaler in North America who supplies E-bikes to major retail blockchains including Walmart and Sam’s Club. While relying on trading companies to supply E-bikes, the client continually encountered a lack of responsive after-sales support alongside increasing costs due to tariffs and taxes. The client reached out to us and requested a custom order hoping for better service and follow-through than the trading companies would provide.


The client demanded a partner with the capability to mass-produce his product quickly and issue-free. But the client also needed a solution for those return stocks from his retail blockchain customers.


The client made the leap to partner with MerryGo,  and promptly received quality products below the target price — complete with comprehensive after-sales support.

How We Did It 

MerryGo introduced the same high-level manufacturing solutions we provide to all of our clients — a level of service this wholesaler wasn’t used to. We contributed to the client’s success by utilizing our southeast Asia facility to reduce production and logistic costs. Additionally, our North America after-sales team provided ongoing technical support which allowed the client to easily turn around and sell the return stock. Problem solved!  

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