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Individual Buyers


This client is an individual buyer from North America who came to MerryGo with an interest in generic white-label E-bikes he could privately brand and resell for himself. The client wanted to take advantage of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, but really didn’t know the first place to start. Consequently, they reached out to us for advice.



MerryGo was tasked with helping the client identify the exact product which would suit the target audience. The client needed in-depth guidance to select from all the options at hand and choose a product with the characteristics he expected, which could also be delivered on an aggressive timeline.


By taking advantage of our knowledge of the North American market, we identified the popular style of E-bike that met the client’s specification. We set the client up with a product they could resell quickly while maintaining an appropriate profit margin. After ordering a conservative number of E-bikes to test the waters, the client now calls for full containers to satisfy his growing client base. 

How We Did It 

With MerryGo’s broad base of buyers in North America and Europe, along with a clear understanding of the client’s local market demand, MerryGo could give this client reasonable product suggestions. We also utilized our logistic supply chain experience to ensure the product reached our client in the most cost-efficient way possible.  

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