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We're Making A Difference For Our Clients
MerryGo supports a wide range of business. Find out how some of our customers are succeeding with MerryGo.


Our client is a family-owned local bike shop in the US. After the surge of E-bike sales in 2020, the client realized his suppliers are no longer sufficient to support his company because of ridiculous production and delivery lead time. Because this client has built a reputation on a very high standard of quality, he was actively looking for a manufacturer who could step up to the plate.



Even with MerryGo’s resources, this particular client product is an extremely unique, non-generic E-bike that is difficult to replicate. Also, the client sought to reduce the delivery lead time by half.


MerryGo studied the specs and found the best way to reproduce this highly singular design. By partnering with MerryGo and working closely with our engineering team, the client was able to source his bike with the desired quality and meet the fast-paced  delivery schedule.   

How We Did It 

Because MerryGo listens closely to our clients’ experiences and is always looking for ways to innovate and improve the quality and variety of our output, we have learned how to both make our products better and take on new products we’ve never previously encountered. As an ongoing part of our strategy, we also stock frequently used components that allow us to facilitate an exceedingly timely delivery. 

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