A: Absolutely. We can make modifications according to your requests through technical support.

A: The batteries can be recharged even if they aren't completely empty, so you can recharge your batteries whenever it is convenient for you. Charging time depends on how full they are. Completely empty batteries will take 4 to 6 hours to charge with a stand

A: Your E-bike is water resistant and can be ridden in an average rainfall. We advise against riding in heavy rain and strongly advise against leaving your E-bike outside while it's raining.

A: Yes, we will. The core of our company culture is honesty and loyalty. Our company has been audited and approved by the SGS and TUV assessment report you can view through email. We have been Alibaba's Gold supplier since 2010. You will see that we have nev

A: Not only can you ride it as an ordinary bike, you can also choose battery-powered mode when you get tired. Riders need not get a license or pay extra fees for parking or maintenance.

A: Yes, different models can be mixed within one full container.

A: Quality is our top priority. We attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packing and shipping.

A: Yes! Sample order is available for quality checks and market testing.

A: We offer different warranty terms for different components. Please contact us for details.

A: It usually takes about 25-40 working days for production, based on specifications for your order and quantity.

A: No. All E-bikes will be newly produced according to your order, including samples.

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