As the pandemic and social distancing measures have escalated the popularity of urban mobility, venture capitalists are pouring money into E-bike and E-scooter start-ups. A vast number of startup companies have attempted to gain traction in this exciting wave of the E-bike bloom. The right manufacturing partner is one piece of the business model that helps you capture the attention of investors.
Apart from a complete design, engineering, and manufacturing solution, start-up companies need a manufacturing partner who is capable of providing ongoing product performance analysis for product optimization. You need a manufacturer who is experienced in international logistics and import taxation, provides international after-sales service, and responds to you QUICKLY. Above all, the right manufacturing partner allows you to focus on the growth of the company, rather than extraneous manufacturing concerns.
If you’re a start-up, have you dealt with any of the following?
● Suppliers unwilling to offer development services
● Unresponsive suppliers during improvement phase
● Damaged brand reputation due to quality issues
● Tariffs and logistics hurdles
● Severe financial pressure due to lack of technical support
● A high risk of losing your customers!
Pass Successes with Similar Customers.
Case Studies
-MerryGo is eager to grow with our clients, and willing to share our experience supporting start-up projects in bike-sharing, crowdfunding, drop-shipping and beyond.
-We respond quickly to product improvements to get you out of the PoC (proof of concept) stage, and
-We provide reliable international logistics and supply chain support to deliver your product cost effectively.
-Production facilities in Southeast Asia will provide legal and effective tax reduction solutions,
-Branches and after-sales support centers will be established in the U.S. and European markets to provide after-sales services.
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International Presence
- Multiple manufacturing facilities across south-east Asia.
- Warehouses & showrooms to provide ready to ship samples.
- Technical support centers for aftersale sevices.
Extensive Knowledge
- Extensive Technical Know-How .
- Comprehensive Procurement Advice.
- Entensive Prodcut Insight.
Superior Quality
- Standardized manufacturing process.
- Effective Quality control system.
- Certified products comply with EN 15194 and UL 2849 standards.
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