International Presence.
MerryGo recognizes the desire for top-tier E-mobility across a range of countries. Businesses and individuals all require well-engineered E-bikes for a variety of purposes. Consequently, we’ve organized our manufacturing and logistics process to keep pace with international demand and lend our versatility to a diverse worldwide trading environment. We make sure our customers receive the most thorough and cost-efficient services possible.

To uphold this standard of speed and excellence in North America, MerryGo provides…
1. A US-based support team available for local technical support.
2. US warehouses and showrooms that are ready to ship samples.
Superior Quality
MerryGo maintains its benchmark quality through a finely honed engineering and production process — and by continually bettering our designs and operations. We’ve embedded this principle of refinement and progression in every facet of our company.

They’re the values we return to again and again, and the mindset that guides us to continue providing our clients with the most well-developed products and services in the industry.

A Stringent Manufacturing Process

Every step of production is consistently evaluated through a three-fold procedure.

1. Incoming Inspection — We demand the absolute highest quality from our partners. Every bike part and component is assessed upon arrival.
2. Process Inspection — The parameters for each step of the assembly and shipping process are checked against industry standards.
3. Customer Feedback and Quality Improvement — We increase our competitiveness by making note of any element or factor that can be optimized or improved. We then provide concrete directives to implement these changes.

Certified Products: Certified products comply with EN 15194 and UL 2849 standards
Extensive Industry Knowledge
MerryGo works with a variety of E-mobility customers across many varied segments. Whether you’re an individual buyer in search of the best, a start-up entrepreneur with a passion for E-mobility, or a chain store purchasing manager with a discerning eye, we’re confident we can meet your needs, inform your endeavor, and provide the service to ensure your success.

Technical Know-How

1. Feasibility Study
“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”-Steve Jobs Not every product idea proves manufacture-friendly or cost-efficient. Before launching a particular project, we carry out a thorough feasibility study to determine if it can be produced and supplied according to your budget. If it can’t, we’ll suggest adjustments to make it more possible.
2. Prototyping
Once we move forward with a design proposal, prototyping is the key to visualizing potential pitfalls during production. To ensure manufacturability, we will make recommendations for design changes according to the prototyping result.

Comprehensive Procuring Advice

1. Procurement Privileges
Even as the E-bike industry is blooming, because these products are so specialized, quality components can take months to acquire. Our supply chain management team has cultivated unsurpassed relationships with strong suppliers who prioritize our orders and provide parts with shorter lead times. We keep our clients constantly informed through every stage of procurement.
2. Logistic Insight
We make sure your products are transported safely, securely and as cost-effectively as possible. Our partnerships with multiple logistic forwarders gives us a range of options that save our clients as much money as possible.
3. Tariff and Duty Management
MerryGo is extremely well-versed in anti-dumping duty, import tariffs, and other regular custom duties. We are happy to share our experiences in successfully overcoming these trade hurdles.

Extensive Product Insight

Working with a wide geography of clients, we can offer in-depth insights on product preferences and the E-mobility market among different countries, regions, and demographics across the world. We currently supply more than 30 clients across the EU and US and provide clear data on exactly what’s selling where.
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