The situation of European electric bike for sell

 2019-07-11 | View:802

The development of electric bicycles abroad has been preceded by European countries such as Japan and Germany. In recent years, the United States has also developed rapidly. The main role of electric bicycles abroad is easy access and leisure fitness tools, which can be used in large parking lots, supermarkets and tourist areas. In general, the potential market for electric bicycles in the world is large and is expanding.


The situation of Europe electric bike for sell is the most mature. The annual sales volume can reach 3 million to 4 million. The largest markets are Germany and the Netherlands, followed by Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. There are currently about 64 electric bicycle suppliers in Europe, with prices ranging from 990 euros to 1647 euros. About two-thirds of the electric bicycles supplied are Japanese Yamaha, Sanyo or Panasonic auxiliary power systems

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