MerryGo R&D: Creating E-Bikes by observing global trends.
Extensive Industry Research
We pride ourselves on full-spectrum development and prompt delivery of customized lines of E-bikes. Our Research and Development division researches global trends in both the E-mobility industry and corresponding market strategy — all in an effort to assist your business.

Marketing and Technical Support
With more than 15 years of experience, MerryGo offers customers a higher degree of competence and proficiency to meet their challenges. We study our clients’ target market, provide suggestions on E-bikes procurement, and take on a comprehensive range of support tasks.
A Superior Product
Our engineers specialized in understanding the challenges and demands of the market. They focus on producing E-bikes that offer the perfect combination of functionality, style, and advanced solutions for clients' brands. We amalgamate manufacturing technologies with our own innovations to produce some of the most popular, on-trend E-bikes in the world.
How MerryGo E-Bikes Are Made
With a manufacturing facility in the heart of Changzhou, MerryGo is capable of annually producing more than 100,000 premium-end E-bikes. We oversee the following process.
Wheel Knitting
Wheel Assembly
To keep up with our clients' demands, we start with thorough preparation. Before we put our bikes together, we make sure we have all the right parts on standby. We pre-assemble front forks, handlebars, and tuck cables away neatly inside the frame. This provides the setup for a smooth assembly process.
Insufficient spoke tension is the primary cause of spoke failure. To prevent this, we use optimal spoke tension that’s as high as the rim profile allows. Spoke failure may additionally result from the play between the spoke and the hub flange. The connection between the hub and the spoke are put under stress by the load changes, which causes the spoke elbows to move with each turn of the wheel and become brittle to the point of breaking. We avoid this by testing the connection by hand, and placing washers under the spoke heads whenever necessary.
We apply pressure to the wheel to ensure that the spokes position themselves correctly. To guarantee a smooth ride, we tighten the spokes to the wheel, until it is perfectly round. The final step is the tire. We pump up the inner tube, fit the tire, and the finished wheel is good to go.
This is where everything comes together. The frame starts its journey along the assembly line with the pre-assembled front fork and fitted handlebars. All of the parts from our pre-assembly are ready and waiting. Step by step, with precise attention to detail, our assembly staff fits and checks each component, including the mudguard, wheels, and battery, to create the perfect bike for our customers.
Quality Control — Creating Products That Work and Last
At MerryGo, with 15 years of experience making E-bikes, we ensure that every process is carried out to the highest possible standards for our client's satisfaction. Our Quality Control department was formed to guarantee the workmanship of each finished product. Quality Control collaborates with our team on each phase of production, including the incoming material inspection, in-process quality checks, test rides, final inspection, and the packaging process.
Incoming material inspection
In-Process Quality Check
Test Rides
Labelling Inspection
Random Testing
Packaging Process
Each E-bike component is carefully inspected during the early stages of inventory processing and testing.
We preserve each E-bike’s production history throughout the entire assembly process. From product design to manufacturing, we verify every detail with 100 percent accuracy and can ensure that the quality of our manufacturing and assembly surpasses the highest standards within the industry.
To ensure our E-bikes can handle anything they come up against, our in-house engineers simulate all types of riding conditions on our test tracks — including cobbles, sudden braking, and sharp bends. Specific environment-based performance tests measure the E-bikes against location, road types and terrain to ensure the product meets and exceeds its performance criteria. All fully assembled E-bikes are test ridden to assure your product comes to you safe, stable, and performing exactly as promised for the end user.
It's not just a label, it's your brand. To distinctively speak for your brand, we ensure your labels fit properly and convey your product name distinctly.
MerryGo monitors the quality of the production process. We test at random a 5% sample of all the bikes that we make to ensure that procedures are carried out effectively.
We know it’s a significant distance from our warehouses to yours, so we provide professional packaging tailored to the particular transport method. You will receive your product in immaculate condition.
Packing & Logistics
  • Diligent Packing and Shipping
    We take fastidious care when packing E-bikes. We track individual deliveries and monitor the ongoing performance of our shippers to ensure complete care and punctuality.
  • Forward-Thinking Supply Chain Management
    Because rare and unforeseen events like pandemics and disasters do occur, MerryGo strategically stocks necessary components to ensure our customers won’t be running out of stock. We want you to capture the growing market!
Service Throughout The Entire Lifespan Of Your Product
  • Fast and Personalized Service
    Fast and Personalized Service
    We know our clients come to us with special requests, custom orders, and individual needs. Our dedicated client service team keeps you up to speed during every phase of the process — from quotation, through delivery to your doorstep. Our prompt cross-functional teams give you the solutions you’re looking for.
  • Professional Project Management
    Professional Project Management
    We know you want to work with the most competent professionals in the industry. Our teams are made up of sales experts and knowledgeable engineers with extensive experience across a range of products and brands. You’re working with highly-credentialed professionals who bring your concept to life in a very short span of time.
  • Support at Every Step
    Support at Every Step
    MerryGo prioritizes client care. Our service solutions give you assistance and support long after your purchase. Partnership and reliability — they’re two values we live by. Reach out at any time for any product-related needs or concerns.
  • Warranty Coverage
    Warranty Coverage
    Because each individual product comes with unique protection needs, MerryGo offers a variety of flexible warranties.
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